As one of a select few doctors in Nevada double board-certified in both Family Practice & Adolescent Medicine, Dr. McGrorey understands the complex issues that his patients face. Dr. McGrorey enjoys treating and diagnosing patients with challenging cases that may have eluded other medical professionals; this results in a more effective, tailored treatment. Dr. McGrorey considers it a true honor to treat firemen, EMS, military, police, teachers, and university students, as well as all other patients. 


  • Routine medical care for all ages (infant to elderly)
  • In-house x-rays
  • Sports physicals
  • Executive exams (ordering labs, carotid & abdominal ultrasounds)
  • ECHO & stress tests
  • Minor injuries
  • Healthy preventative care for all ages and age-specific counseling
  • EKG's, blood sugar, UA's, strep through and pregnancy testing -- all on-site
  • Drawing on-site for most labs
  • STI screening, counseling and treatment
  • PAP smears and GYN exams. 
  • HPV vaccination and appropriate counseling 
  • Monitoring of chronic medical problems as Primary Care and co-manage care with Specialists when needed. Appropriate referrals and coordination of care
  • Vaccinations including TdAP and HPV. Other vaccinations can be ordered and are usually available by the next day, including meningitis, shingles, adult varicella, measles, pneumonia, and so on
  • Care of Adolescent issues (Dr. McGrorey is one of the few doctors in Nevada board-certified in Adolescent Medicine)
  • Healthy Weight Loss Guidance

*** Most insurances accepted.